AJC Architecture -  Architectural Design, Facility Planning, Site Master Planning
About AJC
Founded in 2007 as the personal practice of Andrejs J Cers RA  LEED-AP.
Mr. Cers is a highly experienced professional with past history as a Design Director at Ellerbe Becket, a Senior Designer at the Leonard Parker Associates and at the Durrant Group. He has been responsible for leading the design and planning of over 50 major projects of various types in his 30+ years of practice.
Mr. Cers is an innovator in methods of collboration with communities and diverse entities on projects with a high public profile. His design work has also won numerous design awards.
My approach to design is about understanding and facilitating connections. Connections are the essential glue of society and how we provide value to one another. Connection-focused design involves understanding the motivations, values, and needs of a clients customers and seeking facility design solutions that best support them.
Areas of Expertise:
Museums and Science Education Facilities
Corporate Offices
Government Service Centers and Offices
3639 Lyndale Av S
Minneapolis, MN 55409
By appointment only.
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